Continuing Education Scholarships

WVEDC provides up to four continuing education scholarships for its members each year, with two awarded at the Legislative Conference in January or February and two at the Annual Meeting (usually September). The scholarship will pay for registration, housing, and meals up to a maximum of $1,000. Announcements of the availability of the scholarships along with applications are sent to WVEDC members before each deadline. If needed, you may also contact the WVEDC Scholarship Committee Chair (currently Christy Laxton — christylaxton@wyomingcounty.com). Click here to download the application.

​​Registration Scholarships

​WVEDC provides up to 10 WVEDC conference registration scholarships:  5 for the Legislative Conference and 5 for the Annual (fall) Conference.  This scholarship only covers the cost of WVEDC Conference registration and must be used immediately following award.  Click Here to download the application.

Recent WVEDC Scholarship Recipients

2009 - Pat Kurtenback, Matt Ballard, Mona Ridder, Heather Vanater
2010 - Amanda Moore, Ed Fischer, Sharon Shaffer, Kathy Mason
2011 - Heather Vanater, Kathy Mason, Ed Fischer, Charles Humphreys
2012 – Robbie Morris, Mona Ridder, Kathy Mason
2013 - Robbie Morris, Ed Fischer, Drew Dunlap, Charles Humphreys
2014 - Tammy Kitzmiller, Drew Dunlap, Chad Wykle
2015 - Eileen Johnson, Dave Lieving
2016 - Tammy Kitzmiller, Steve Parks, Anne Jones, Kevin Clark