The WVEDC publishes a Membership Directory which also contains the Council's Constitution and By-Laws. Periodic updates and mailings shall include information from WVEDC, West Virginia Manufacturer's Association, and West Virginia Development Office.



Presentations from the 2020 WVEDC Virtual Fall Conference

WVU Industrial Extension Service by David Carrick and Staci Miller

Post Pandemic Marketing by Colleen Walton

West Virginia Land Bank Program by Patty Hickman

WV Economic Outlook by Dr. John Deskins

Tourism Development Districts by John Stump

"Come Home to West Virginia" Campaign by Jim Estep

WV Development Office Update by Morganne Tenney

WV Development Office Update by Mike Graney


PowerPointe Presentations from the 2020 Legisative Conference

Rebecca McPhail - WV Manufacturer's Association

Colleen Walton - Economic Development Websites

Frank Vitale - Career Readiness Program

John Stump - Public Finance 101

A.J. Hammond - BAD Buildings/WVU Brownfields


​PowerPoint Presentations from the 2019 Fall Conference

Javier Reyes - WVU John Chambers College of Business & Economics Update

Anne Barth - Startup Incubation Panel

Javier Reyes - Startup Incubation Panel

John Deskins, Rochelle Goodwin - Human Capital and Your Advice to Move WV Forward

Colleen Walton - Talent Attraction

Dennis Burnside - Site Selection


PowerPointe Presentations from the 2019 Fall Conference

Monica Cross - Explore Program

John Stump - FOIA

Sharon Adams - Workforce Programs

Denise Burgess - Meeting Facilitation